Vic Mensa Shows Off His Lyrical Mastery In New “Grammy Family” Freestyle

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Mensa still has bars.

Vic Mensa switched up his style for his last release, “Dark Things.” The single mixed emo, goth, pop, and hip-hop, and the creepy music video that accompanied it only pushed the sinister vibe further. Fans of the Chicago rapper were divided upon its release. Rap fans grow to feel like they own the artists they love, and when those artists try to experiment or grow, some fans feel like they’ve been betrayed. With all the internet rumblings of Mensa crossing over, there was no better time for him to stop by Sway In The Morning to remind the world he still has bars for days. 

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Sway throws on the “Grammy Family” instrumental by Kanye West, which immediately brings back fond memories. The beat exists somewhere between emotions of triumph and melancholy, and Mensa redirects that same energy into his bars. “And I know these niggas fake/they ‘gon hate anyway/fuck ’em ’til they menstruate/ spit like Lil Wayne mixed with a bit of Jay/ but I’m no protege,” raps Mensa with ferocity. “I’m the goat today/ rapping like a Cobra snake,” he continues before Sway interrupts to hype him up. Most of the time rappers “freestyle” on the radio, they’re dropping writtens. Here, it appears that Vic grabs some bars he has in his head but then switches to flowing off the top as he starts to feel himself more. 

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